About Skeeter Screen

Skeeter Screen™ is a proprietary formulation created by Scent Shop® – it is ours alone. This DEET FREE Scents of Nature® formulation is derived from natural essential oils. It is safe for pets and the entire family with a pleasant floral scent people like and biting insects hate.

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Why DEET Free?

When you spray DEET on your skin it gets absorbed, pumping through your nervous system where it can cause memory loss, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath and in some cases, neurological damage.

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Brand New Products!

Don’t let mosquitoes spoil all the fun… Battle The Bite with two new Skeeter Screen products: A biodegradable Spreadable Deterrent and a long-lasting Horse & Pet Spray. Just like all our products, these are DEET-Free and a safer, more effective way to repel biting insects.

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